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Audio, Video, Projection, LED, Lighting & Staging
AVSS has the right equipment and crew for every job


We have the largest inventory of quality Audio equipments from best manufacturers

We proudly represent the best audio brands such as Digico, DPA, Earthworks, K-array, L-Acoustics, Mackie, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Yamaha, just to name a few.



We create visually spectacular events with the latest LED and projection technology

Our inventory of ROE LED tiles, Panasonic HD, 4K Laser DLP projectors, Analog Way and BARCO Multi output seamless switchers, are capable of doing endless blends.



With our extensive lighting inventory we can create the perfect mood for your next event

Carrying a large inventory of the latest LED lighting products from Chauvet Professional, ETC, High End, Litepanels & Martin, we offer the most innovative lighting option.



Staging from lighting trusses, large digital screens, sound system to drapes and more

Leapfrogging equipment with multiple trucks across the country staging 5 to 15 cities providing identical equipment in each city for a consistent program.



We can remotely stage Live Streaming of your event to Social Media and various websites

Providing multiple up-link and down-link services with bi-directional communication to facilitate interactive corporate meetings or live events


Walking through every stage of an event,
from pre-planning through performance and post-production

Meeting Planners

We Know your main focus is on your client and the attendees, you don’t need to be concerned/worried with multiple General Sessions and Breakout rooms. We can manage all the content, distribution, Equipment, staff as well as interface with the venue, hotel or convention center to negotiate the best deals on Power, Rigging & Internet.


We can provide CAD drawing for Rigging as well as Seating and space optimizing drawings to make sure everything you want will fit and all the site line issues are addressed before we even start the load in. We are happy to secure permits and even get Fire Marshall Approvals all before the event.


We are a full-service Production company able to manage Multiple General Sessions with up to a 100 Breakout rooms for thousands of attendees. AVSS has done it before and would like to do it for you!


We can provide turn key solutions including managing all Labor, Power, Rigging, VLAN & Internet solutions. Many clients are happy to find out that we can even save them substantial amounts of money because we know what they are willing to negotiate. We have great relationships with 100’s locations & Union Labor companies around the country. The earlier we can get involved in the site selection and contract negotiations the more we can help you save!!

Event Marketing

We can help you get your message across loud and Clear We can help with Branding, Creative design, Graphics & Content, Slide management, we work with some the biggest companies in the world. Like Fresenius, Microsoft, Xerox and Conferences like Leading Age, PICS, SCAI. How can we help you?


Whether it be a National Sales meeting for 10-10,000 People with multiple concurrent session for all the divisions we can help you integrate the meeting, managing all the content, even broadcasting out to other locations or the Web.


We can provide turn key solutions including all Labor, Managing Power, Rigging, VLAN & Internet solutions. Many clients are happy to find out that we can even save them substantial amounts of money because we know what they will negotiate as well as we have great relationships with many locations & Union Labor companies around the country. The earlier we can get involved in the site selection and contract negotiations the more we can help you save!!

Event Producers & Technical Directors

Send us your RFP or RFQ and we will get you a detailed quote back ASAP. All our gear is super rider friendly, we are happy to provide complete turn key solution or just the parts you need, we want to be your trusted partner on your next event.


We understand that your clients trust You to make sure their events go flawless, you might even have a core crew of techs that know the show and have done it for years, but then you got the quote from the A/V company and your client and/or you can’t believe it can cost that much, plus they add service charge and taxes to the bill adding an additional 20-30% to the already High Quote. We are a full-service Production company and as long as we have some labor on the job, we don’t charge any Service fees or taxes in most states.


Let AVSS Provide a quote we can provide as few as one tech if you already have your core crew or the whole crew whatever works best for YOU!


We also have several Trusted Scenic, Lighting as well as A/V Partners around the Globe to help facilitate events anywhere in the world.

Presentation Management

We can provide a turn key solution for content management as well as audience response systems, meeting Apps, even content streaming.


We can provide a secure drop box for participants to upload file before the meeting for FDA and/or Company approval before arriving on site. Once we get on site our team of Specialist will set up a Speaker Ready Room with the ability to make last minute changes before the files are sent via a private VLAN to both the primary & backup computers in the appropriate rooms include optimizing all the slides & videos before they are sent to confirm everything will play perfectly assuring a flawless meeting every time!


Our team of specialist can help with content, templates, videos, graphics, branding, ARS, Meeting App’s that can even stream the meeting live helping to integrate the message and keep the audience engaged from start to finish.


Over 25 years of staging multiple high profile events

AVSS coordinates the entire event worldwide months in advance to assure an exceptional show every year. Customer satisfaction and word of mouth have been our best testimonials since our inception in 1991.


We have a handful of entertainers, speakers and presenters

One of our specialties is providing entertainers, bands and motivational speakers. Our business arm – Affinity Entertainment, can provide performers like Jay Leno, Dennis Miller, Howie Mandel, as well as bands from Aerosmith to ZZ Top, and much more.


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