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HEVC streaming technology from Teradek

Bi-directional Audio & Video to interact with the audience live

We live in a Digital world, everything and everyone is connected. Meetings are becoming more and more interactive, and people want to engage their audiences.


Whether it be ARS Audience Response System, meeting APPS can stream content or broadcast the meeting for a select few VIP’s, it can also broadcast to your offices around the world even while streaming it live on the internet. Our technology is capable to archive the content for your clients or staff to watch at any time if they can’t watch it live.

AVSS has been a leading provider of satellite services for uplink/downlink and guaranteed bandwidth for streaming out to the web for over 20 year now!


We carry the newest HEVC Streaming technology from Teradek capable of streaming full 1080p over 8-12 Mbps using the internet with less delay than satellite. We can now stream point to point for live interactive meetings from multi locations simultaneously or streaming live to social media or your company web site.


AVSS has over 20 years’ experience with uplink/downlink and streaming technology.

We can produce and host your meeting or event on Vimeo live as well as archive for later distribution to your audience.