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Creating Visually Spectacular Events

With The Latest LED And Projection Technology

Today technology continues to transform with ever increasing resolutions and brightness as 4K laser projectors take over the new market place. We can now create a digital background with either LED Tiles and/or Multi Projector blends.


We have done up to 26 projector blends covering over 100m of screen. 2 projector blends have become common place, but 8-18 projection blends can transform your room from ordinary to something extraordinary only your imagination limits the possibilities.


We offer a wide range of switching systems to suit every application from Flyaway HD or 4K switching Packages for remote sites anywhere in the world to multi output multi M/E broadcast HD & Production 4K graphic switching systems with multi outputs capable of virtually endless blends.


Content Control and Media Playback
We carry all the industry favorites. We have several media servers’ options available to fit each specific application or need whether you are needing multi projector or LED Blend screens/walls or projection mapping a room or a building. We can provide a bespoke solution for your application.


AVSS has recently expanded heavily in to ROE LED tiles, all with Brompton processing. From Movie industry standard Black Onyx 2 & 3 to the newest Black Pearl 2. We also carry the full line Brompton LED processors. From the newest SX40 4K, S4 HD and the movie industry standard M2, simple the Best LED processor in the market.